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We at auraTeas are trying our best to bring you great experiences with tea.
Here we list some policy and FAQs for you, please contact us if you have more questions.

General Information

1. How do I browse the auraTeas shop?
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2. How do I become a member of auraTeas?
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It very easy to become an auraTea member, please sign up here.
We only collect your username and email address, your password is secured and nobody can reach it except yourself.
If you forget your password, you can request a set of new password here.
You will receive a new set of password to log in, and change your password to your personal one.
Your information will be secured store in our database, and will never be shared.

3. How to make a purchase at auraTeas?
Please see our guide show.
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4. Can I order by email?
Yes, you are welcome to order via email, please send your request to or You will be billed via PayPal and you can still make payment via PayPal with your credit card.

5. How do I make payment? Is it secure?
We offer PayPay Secure Payment system, and our shopping cart is protected by SSL 128 bits.
You can pay with your PayPal account.
If you don't have PayPal account, you can pay by any major credit card via PayPal.
Your payment information is secured by PayPal, we will not receive any of your credit card information.

6. How do you deliver the shipment?
We ship via Canada Post. We offer flat shipping and free shipping to Canada and USA. International shipping is calculated by Canada Post system.

7. Can I return an item? (return policy)
We hope we are bringing you the best. But if you don't like our products, we would be glad to take it back.
Within 7 days after you receive your product, you may return it for any reason.
However we have to apologize that currently we are not able to pay the return shipping cost for you, you have to pay for the return shipping cost.
We will refund the item's full amount on your invoice to you.

8. Can I exchange an item? (exchange policy)
If you would like to exchange the item instead of refund, we would be happy to do so.
We need you to send the item back to us, again, we apologize that you have to pay for the shipping cost.
We will send you a new item immediately.

9. Do you have wholesale business?
Yes, you can register a wholesale account and enjoy 15% off your order, minimum order is $100.

10. Do you have a retail front somewhere?
We thought about it, but you don't want to know how much you have to pay for retail rent in Vancouver... It is the top expensive city in North America. We decided to push our retail front plan to future, and concentrate on our website. We don't want raise the price and let you to help us pay the rent..

11. How do you choose your products?
We insist to purchase from tea growers and tea masters, to show our respect to them. Our tea is top quality and being tasted again and again by our team. We also working on expanding our organic collections and Fair Trade collections. Some people say that organic tea is not as delicious, which is not true. Organic tea is very difficult to grow, because tea is very attractive to bugs, tea farmers always need to use pesticide to solve the problem. What organic growers do is they let tea live with the bugs (such as Baihao Oolong), or use natural ways to get rid of bugs (such as our Retro Oolong). And that make the cost of organic products higher than others. However, there are some styles of teas not able to be grown and processed organically.
Some of our teas are not organic, but they are very safe to human. The law in Taiwan constrains tea farmers using very limited and safe chemical materials on plants. Tea need to be "showered by rain" before harvesting. And  after processing, such as drying, rolling, baking, roasting, most of chemicals will be gone.

12. Do you sell slim tea like other websites claim?
We do not claim any of our tea as slim tea. We believe tea is good for body and mind, and most important, it is a lifestyle. There's an old saying in Buddhism, "One's look changes with one's heart". That is clear. If you keep a good lifestyle with a good heart, you'll be happy with your look. There are many benefits of tea, weight control is only one of them. Yes, tea may help to control weight, but more, tea can help lead to a better life.

Privacy Policy
1. We collect your information such as username, email, order history, and shipping information (when you place an order). But your shipping information will not be used for your next order.

2. We will email you monthly newsletter. You can cancel it if you don't like it.

3. We will email you about our promotion, sales, and events. You can cancel it if you don't like it.

4. We use cookie to help us process your order, and to help us monitor our site traffic.

5. We don't collect your information such as your password, payment method, credit card information.

6. We offer PayPay Secure Payment system, and our shopping cart is protected by SSL 128 bits.

7. We will not share your information with any other commercial or non commercial persons or organizations.

Tea Knowledge
We constantly prepare tea related information for your reference. Please find informatio n from the following links. You may freely cite from our works with attribution to the author. If you need more help on tea knowledge, please drop us an email, we will help you to collectio information.

1. Tea Plus

2. auraFosa blog

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